Migrants Thank 89-Yr-Old Austrian Man Who Gave Them Euros by Robbing Him

Chris Menahan
May. 26, 2016

From Krone.at (Translation via v/European):
Time and again, an 89-year old man in Bruck gave three teenagers euro coins - and this is how they thanked him: One of them lured the infirm elderly man out of the house, the other kept watch, the third one searched the rooms for money. The theft failed thanks to a brave neighbor.

On Tuesday at 1 PM, the woman observed a teenager ringing the bell on the garden gate. Under the pretense of having something to talk about, he lured the 89-year old out of the house. When the neighbor saw a Chechen (17) sneak into the house, she called for help. Then she called the police. The Chechen, his 18-year old friend (the Afghan kept watch) and the shill, a 16-year old with a migration background, were found a short time later.

The three teenagers made a full confession. One of the suspects said he opened a window in the house not only because he had to flee before the arrival of the police. Originally it was planned to enter the house at night...

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