VIDEO: BLM Lunatics Storm Stage, Threaten to Punch Milo at DePaul Event

Chris Menahan
May. 25, 2016

A mentally deranged female protester stormed the stage during a Milo Yiannopoulos event yesterday at DePaul University and threatened to punch Yiannopoulos in the face, she then went on to perform a bizarre celebratory dance involving odd hip gyrations.

Despite the event's organizers and Breitbart being forced by DePaul University to pay for security, they did nothing to help or get the situation under control.

"The male ringleader screamed 'Feel the Bern' and chanted against Donald Trump, whilst the female ringleader chanted 'Black Lives Matter'," Breitbart reported.

"The female ringleader also claimed that she had been silenced 'for 200 years', prompting Yiannopoulos to question how the supposed 200 year-old protester looked so young."

What's funny is while the security did nothing to help, you know if Milo had acted to defend himself from this enraged lunatic they would have been all over him.

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