You Won't Believe Michelle Fields' Brilliant Advice to the Hillary Campaign

Chris Menahan
May. 24, 2016

The World's Most Brilliant Political Correspondent™ Michelle Fields has bequeathed to us her incredible political wisdom on how Hillary can defeat Trump.

Fields announced she was hired by The Huffington Post on Monday, Chris Hayes responded today by immediately and much deservedly booking her to appear on MSNBC to show off her skills as a political pundit.

What was her amazing advice to Hillary to take down Trump?

"You see the Hillary Clinton campaign, they need to make sure that they don't treat Trump as a serious candidate," she said.

"[It is] not to normalize Donald Trump. Treat him as though he is just this reality show star that's unfit to be president."

"Kris Jenner, she created the Kardashian empire. That doesn't mean she's fit to be president just because she has good business sense. Don't talk about him as though he's a regular candidate who's fit to be president, because he's not. That’s the case the Clinton campaign ought to be making."

Good god, mind = blown.

What incredible advice, she's brilliant.

No one has ever given such advice before — at least if you exclude every last pundit on TV and in print for the last 11 months.

She even pointed out how well it worked for Marco Rubio.

If you remember his numbers tanking in the polls once he went on the attack, then his having to come out and apologize saying how he "embarrassed his children," then his having to drop out of the race shortly thereafter — that's probably just your male, chauvinistic, fact obsessed, patriarchal mind telling you those things.

You're probably one of those people who also doesn't think Corey Lewandowski literally raped and murdered Michelle Fields then threw her dead body in a ditch.

The truth is it worked wonders for Rubio's campaign and Hillary needs to jump on this advice ASAP.

Thank god The Huffington Post scooped Fields up and thank you to MSNBC for giving her a platform to speak to the world, her punditry is top notch and she's without a doubt a national treasure.

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