WATCH: Germany's New Right Leader Schools Brainwashed Young Leftists

Chris Menahan
May. 24, 2016

Frauke Petry of Germany's rising right-wing Alternative for Germany party schooled a bunch of brainwashed leftist students during a town hall event in Landau earlier this month.

Petry took a leftist flyer being passed around outside the event and read off what was on it.

"You think a woman belongs in the kitchen," was the first leftist platitude, the other two were: "You don't care about the environment" and "You're homophobic, xenophobic, and extreme-right."

Prety asked the audience who wrote it and challenging whoever did so to come forward and debate her.

When the responsible parties finally crept up to the stage, it turned out to be a bunch of young leftist students.

Prety asked them why they believe what's written on the flyer, then proceeded to systemically own them on every point, showing them all to be fools.

"When I see what is in our school books, what young people are being taught in school, it is no surprise that they believe this," Prety said.

As Breitbart reported earlier this month, the AfD party wants to "slash taxes, abolish the European Union, and ban minarets."

Watch the full event below and if you're in Germany, vote AfD:

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