80% of Brits Say They'd Move to Russia To Take Up Putin's Offer Of Free Land

Chris Menahan
May. 16, 2016

Now that their country has fallen to Muslim rule, almost %80 of Brits say they're willing to move to Russia to cash in on Putin's offer of free land.

From the Daily Express:
Disillusioned by life in modern Britain, 78% of more than 22,000 respondents replied “Yes! Bargain” to the question “Would you move to Russia in exchange for free land?”

The revelation came after it was revealed that Russian president Vladimir Putin is offering 2.5 acres of land for free to people willing to move to the country’s Siberian wilderness in a bid to boost the area’s economy.

The scheme has captured the imagination of the British public, many of whom have been seduced by the area’s stunning natural beauty as well as Mr Putin’s no-nonsense leadership style.

Simon Sharp told Express.co.uk: "As soon as I read about it my wife and I discussed it.

"There's a certain amount of romanticism. The idea of going back to nature in such a remote area. It would be down to us to test our mettle.

"There's also definitely disillusionment with the UK, with British life. We're all subservient, we won't know what's going on."

He also cited "the change in demographics and seeing rural areas change with urbanisation" as reasons for considering the move."
Sounds like "cultural enrichment" is taking its toll.

Fortunately, the based Russians don't care for any of that garbage. They like their people just the way they are, with good reason.

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