Poll: 57% of Americans Support Trump's 'America First' Foreign Policy

Chris Menahan
May. 06, 2016

According to a new poll, Americans are sick and tired of the Neocon's "World Policeman" foreign policy, favoring instead non-interventionism and putting "America First."

The ADL came out last week and attacked Trump for using the term "America First," claiming usage of the term is "anti-Semitic," no doubt this poll will rustle some jimmies.

From the Washington Examiner:
Americans are adopting a foreign policy much closer to Republican Donald Trump than Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, saying in a new survey that they want an "America First" focus that fixes the U.S. before other countries.

A comprehensive new Pew Research Center poll found that 57 percent agree that America should deal with its own problems. Just 37 percent disagreed. And more than not said America is too helpful internationally.

"The new survey, conducted April 12 to 19 among 2,008 U.S. adults, finds the public remains wary of global involvement," said Pew.

The Republican has pitched his foreign policy as "America First," and wants to review the country's relationship and funding of groups like NATO and the United Nations. He also wants to beef up spending at home, and that could come at the price of fewer tax dollar subsidies of foreign nations.

The public also wants to trim U.S. economic involvement overseas. Pew said:

"The public's wariness toward global engagement extends to U.S. participation in the global economy. Nearly half of Americans (49 percent) say U.S. involvement in the global economy is a bad thing because it lowers wages and costs jobs; fewer (44 percent) see this as a good thing because it provides the U.S. with new markets and opportunities for growth."

Trump recently said that past trade deals, like NAFTA, hurt American workers. Former President Bill Clinton approved NAFTA.
Nationalism is on the rise.

Hillary had better brace herself for what's to come...

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