WATCH: Germans Shut Down Leftist Minister's Pro-Migrant Speech & Chase Him Down In The Streets

Chris Menahan
May. 01, 2016

Using the same tactics as the left who destroyed their country, East Germans in Zwickau blew whistles and hurled boos and insults at Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas to shut down his "pro-refugee" speech, then chased him down in the streets as he fled.

Note, Maas is the same Germanophobe who called last month for "sexy" display ads to be banned in an attempt to stop the "refugees" he loves so much from raping German girls.

From (translated with Google):
Zwickau - Catcalls, insults, boos and an irritated Minister of Justice! 200 right demonstrators harassed on Sunday Heiko Maas (49, SPD) during his appearance in Zwickau, Saxony and eventually expelled.

His speech at the May 1st rally was disrupted from the outset by whistles and bawling of asylum opponents. For viewers, the words of the Minister despite microphone were hard to understand. The speaker's platform had to be protected by police.

"There has been no physical altercations," said a police spokesman.

Nevertheless rushed Maas - surrounded by the demonstrators - after his speech directly to the car and jetted away. Actually a dialogue with citizens was planned.

When asked by BILD Heiko Maas said, "In the future, no one will stop me to talk when I am invited - no matter when and where. But it is frightening when the police have to protect the stage in May rallies of the DGB. To Kill free speech, has not understood anything. "

The DGB chairman of Southwest Saxony region, Sabine Zimmermann, was horrified. "I have never experienced that at a union rally at a May 1, the stage will be protected by the police must," she said.

Despite the right demonstrators nevertheless, all speeches were held.
Notice how these leftist traitors who do everything in their power to shut down our speech love to cry "free speech" when they're the ones in the crosshairs?

Germanophobe Heiko Maas

Where was Maas crying "free speech" when last month a bunch of right-wing Germans had their homes raided by police for posting "anti-migrant messages, anti-Semitic messages and songs with banned lyrics" on social media?

Leftist Internet Police

We're all supposed to "play nice" while traitorous usurpers sell us out and destroy our countries. Meanwhile, when the left is in power they crush our freedoms and jail us for not complying their with "politically correct" bullsh*t.

It's about damn time the right start fighting back against these left-wing fanatics. Let's see how they enjoy getting a taste of their own medicine.

UPDATE: According to Face of a Dying Nation, Maas is "one of the biggest proponents of expanding censorship laws, demanding persecution, fines and jail-time for everybody posting 'hate speech' on social media."

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