Target's Mixed-Sex Bathroom Demand Creates Social-Media Tornado

Apr. 28, 2016

Target's decision to open all of its changing rooms and bathrooms to mixed-sex visitors has created a social-media tornado, with one Facebook video now reaching more than 320,000 shares.

"You have lost your-ever loving mind," reported Pastor Greg Locke who earned the 320,000 shares and 38,000 comments after quizzing a manager at a Target store about the new rule. The rule allows transgenders — but not normal people — to decide if a changing room or bathroom will have people from both sexes. The managers say they've opened the bathrooms and changing rooms to both sexes because of a law, he said, adding "I used to smoke a lot of dope, but I've never been that stupid." 

"Guest what, #TargetMissedTheMark, because this was a very, very dumb move," he concluded.

The public rebuke of Target's new rule is not surprising. The new rule directly benefits transgenders, who comprise as few as 0.03 percent of the adult population, or perhaps one in 2,400 people — and it  leaves the other 99 percent with no choice but to agree to share changing rooms and bathrooms with people of the other sex.

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