WATCH: Trump Speaks After Crushing The CUCK Crew (Conservatives United For Cruz and Kasich)

Chris Menahan
Apr. 27, 2016

After stomping Ted 'The Canadian Rat' Cruz and John 'Not Worthy Of A Nickname' Kasich in five north-eastern states, a humble Donald Trump skipped the bragging and talked instead about pressing issues, then held an open Q&A.

Trump just hit %50 support among republicans nationally for the first time yesterday, showing the Trump train is only gaining steam and the cucks are falling in line.

Also, Cruz has officially been mathematically eliminated from the race. It'll be interesting to watch the media act like he's still has a chance.

[Note, the audio messes up at a few points but fixes itself eventually.]


Victory Memes:

No one could have seen this coming folks! What a time to be alive!

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