Ex-US Diplomat: Indigenous Europeans Will Flee to Hungary to Escape Migrant Invasion

The New Observer
Apr. 25, 2016

Hungary will increasingly become the destination choice of north western Europeans fleeing their nations' "suicidal migration policies," a former senior US diplomat has said.

Writing in the Hungary Today journal, Hungarian-American Adam Topolansky, who previously worked at the US International Trade Commission in Budapest, said that Hungary will "welcome autochthonous western European migrants with open arms."

His article, titled "Hungary!--The country of choice for western Europeans by 2030?" asserted that "western and northern European citizens may choose Hungary in large numbers as a destination of choice within the next 15--20 years."

Topolansky, who is currently living in Hungary but was educated at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs before being employed at the US Embassy in Budapest, predicted that "tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of German, Dutch, French, Belgian, and other western European citizens may opt to move to Hungary in the next 20--30 years and settle there in the wake of the migration crisis."

Some, he said, might "prefer other destinations like Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, or other countries," but Hungary "will be on top of their list as a destination country in which they will want to settle."

He said that this "reversed migration" is a "predictable trend," because citizens of Western Europe "will want to escape their leaders' suicidal migration policies and will seek a safer place to retire."

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