Hate Crime Hoax: Black Student Admits She Was Behind Threat to "Kill All Blacks" at Kean University

"I will kill all the blacks tonight, tomorrow and any other day if they go to Kean University."
Chris Menahan

Apr. 19, 2016

A black female college student has admitted she was behind a series of racist death threats tweeted out to black students at Kean University.

Prosecutors say 25-year-old Kayla McKelvey posted the threatening tweets late last year because she wanted people to show up to her rally on racial injustice.

Incidentally, she didn't feel there was enough racial strife on campus to actually drive people to attend her rally, so she created the fake twitter handle "keanuagainstblk" to stir some up.

Tweeting to police, she wrote: "@kupolice I will kill all the blacks tonight, tomorrow and any other day if they go to Kean University."

Another tweet read: "i will shoot any black person i see at kean university".

McKelvey also tweeted out a bomb threat: "@KeanUniversity theres a bomb on your campus".

McKelvey sent the tweets out from the university's library, then returned to her rally to tell everyone about them.

State prosecutors are now seeking to jail her for 90 days and make her pay restitution of around $82,000 to reimburse the university for the money they wasted responding to her fake threats.

This story is just the latest in a never ending stream of hate crime hoaxes, all of which are blamed on "white people."

Earlier this month, we reported on another similar case where a Muslim woman claimed a "white man" slashed her face with a knife and called her a "f**king terrorist."

It turns out she made up the whole thing and slashed herself.

Two months ago, three black students at the University at Albany claimed they were "jumped" on a bus by people who called them the "n-word," video from the bus's surveillance equipment indicated they made up the assault and were in fact the aggressors.

Since the left has turned victimhood into a coveted asset, the increase in such cases is no surprise.

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