VIDEO: Migrants Close Road in Greece, Tell Greeks What They Can And Can't Do

Chris Menahan
Apr. 18, 2016

Shocking video out of Greece shows migrants take over a road, create a makeshift checkpoint, then order Greeks around telling them who can and cannot pass.

The migrants are seen forcing one Greek trucker to produce his ID and then asking him what he's attempting to take through their blockade. When he tells them "fruit," one migrant tells him "Fruit? No, no," and signals him to turn away.

The trucker is then forced to turn back, being made a slave in his own country.

Later a group of degenerate looking Western so-called "volunteers" show up at the invaders' checkpoint to feed them and hand out supplies to keep the blockade going indefinitely.

When the news media asks them to identify themselves and tell where they are from, they refuse.

"Why do you want to know which country people are from," one hippie "volunteer" with dreads asks.

"Why does it matter?"

Here's why it matters: you're actively supporting the criminal activity of an invading army. They obviously know this, that's why they refuse to identify themselves.

We can be sure odds are they're working for George Soros' Open Society or one of it's many related affiliates. If these invaders are not kicked out and these policies reversed Europe is doomed.

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