Local TV News Anchor Exposes Elite CEOs' Plan to Flood City Of Fargo With Migrants

Chris Menahan
Apr. 14, 2016

Local TV news anchor Chris Berg exposed how George Soros and other wealthy CEOs are pushing to flood the city of Fargo, North Dakota with migrants, despite the public being overwhelmingly against such a plan.

The so-called "Partnership for a New American Economy" is a pro-open borders group run by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch, and other traitorous elites seeking to overrun America with mass immigration from the third world.

The group's website openly lays out how Hispanic immigrants are being used to prop up the Democratic party and disenfranchise traditional American voters who tend to vote Republican.

"Immigration is a winning issue for the GOP," one of their site's headers states.

Candidates who take positions that cast them as anti-immigration will start the general election at a 24-point disadvantage among likely voters and at an even greater disadvantage among key electoral groups, such as college-educated white women and young voters. Only about 1 in 5 GOP primary voters is an anti-immigration voter. This small pool of the electorate comprises hardline voters who are virtually unwinnable for any mainstream candidate.
No actual sources are provided for their wrong claims, 70% of republican voters support Trump's plan to build a wall, so they're simply lying when they claim a candidate can't win by opposing mass immigration.

They make it clear the purpose of flooding the U.S. with Third World immigrants it to "decide" our elections and force people to accept open borders and socialism.

In no world is it in the people of the United States' best interest to flood the country with Third World migrants who bring crime, collect welfare disproportionately (despite having paid nothing into the system) and overwhelmingly support socialism.

If you think immigration is "enriching" us, why not take a look at the LAPD's most wanted list, over 85% of those currently on the list are Hispanics. In Maryland, they were just "culturally enriched" by a 21-year-old illegal immigrant beheading another young illegal immigrant teenager and leaving his dead body on a children's playground.

The idea these people will "enrich us" and "pay for our social services" is delusional. When Former Mexican President Vincent Fox was asked what Mexicans have "contributed" to America, he responded "jalapeņos and the tacos."

The U.S. has the right to bring in whoever we want from anywhere in the world, flooding the U.S. exclusively with poor Mexicans is not bringing "diversity," it's a Third World invasion which will only succeed in turning the U.S. into Mexico.

All the U.S.'s open borders policies must be reversed if European-Americans are not to become a minority in their own country.

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