German Solution to Rapefugee Crisis: Ban Display Ads With 'Sexy' Women

Chris Menahan
Apr. 13, 2016

The German government has finally come up with a plan to address the rapefugee crisis: ban all display advertisements featuring "sexy" women.

From Breitbart:
Germany’s Social Democratic-left justice minister is using the migrant crisis as a pretext to ban the display of the human form in public, blaming sexual images in advertising for the Cologne New Year’s Eve rape attacks.

Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas has unveiled an amendment to the national competition laws — which also govern advertising — for force a “modern gender image” on the nation.

The move to ban “sexist advertising” is being undertaken as part of the coalition agreement which allows his left-wing party to push legislation. The proposed change in law has been put together with assistance from the London-based pro child-indoctrination, feminist pressure group ‘Pink Stinks’, reports Der Spiegel.

The decision to bring the major change now, which will be administered by the Competition Office and German Advertising Council, has been spurred on by migrant sex assault, said minister Maas. The importance of projecting a new, “modern” idea of men and women as non-sexual beings had been made imperative after the Cologne New Year’s Eve sex assaults and rapes, claimed the report.
Next up: hijabs for all German women and girls.

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