Fake Hate Crime: Woman Admits She Lied About "White Man" Slashing Her & Calling Her "Terrorist"

Chris Menahan
Apr. 04, 2016

A Muslim woman who claimed to have been slashed across the face with a knife by a "white man" who called her a "f*cking terrorist" admitted to police she cut herself and made up the entire fake hate crime.

From The Daily Mail:
The [20yo] student, of Middle Eastern descent, was walking at 4.10pm on Thursday when she said a man appeared outside Trinity Church, near Wall Street.

She alleged he was armed with a blade and wounded her on the left side of the face. The attacker was then said to have fled as locals heard a commotion.

Emergency services were called after the woman contacted her father describing her injury and ordeal.

Detectives last night were at the scene searching for clues to what was seen as a random violent assault.

But they struggled in their hunt for witnesses and evidence before she admitted to carrying out the attack on herself.

Chief Bill Aubry, NYPD Detective Bureau, initially told Eyewitness News: 'We'd like to ask the public for their help,'

'She reported as she was walking northbound on Broadway, an unknown male grabbed her by the arm turned her and slashed her on the left side of her face.

'She reported that when he slashed her he made a statement to the effect that she was a terrorist, and he continued to flee northbound on Broadway.'

...The attacker had been described as a white man, 5'10', 180-200 lbs, wearing a black jacket, a black hat and blue jeans.
To the left, victimhood is an asset and serves as an instant claim to fame.

Two months ago three black students at the University at Albany claimed they were "jumped" on a bus by people who called them the "n-word," video from the bus's surveillance equipment indicated they made up the assault and were in fact the aggressors.

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