Pro-British Group Spat On & Assaulted At Protest Outside London Mosque

Rather than come to group's aid, local politicians demand they be banned from protesting
Chris Menahan

Mar. 18, 2016

Members of a Pro-British group were spat on and assaulted while holding a peaceful protest outside of a mosque in East London earlier this week.

Rather than come to the group's aid, local politicians called for them to be banned from protesting, and instead chose to apologize to the local Muslim community for allowing the group to "provoke" them through "passive protest."

Writing about the incident, Britain First said their "activists were attacked, spat at, blasted with eggs, subjected to racism and the police did nothing to arrest any of the Muslim thugs."

"This video is utterly shocking and shows the extent to which London is now a foreign occupied city."

The local politicos responded not by condemning the violent and criminal actions of the Muslim population, but instead called for Britain First to be banned from protesting in the area.

London 24 reports:
Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs met senior Metropolitan Police commanders today to discuss “urgent policing issues”.

He urged Deputy Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons and new Tower Hamlets Borough Commander Sue Williams to “examine all options to prevent future events by Britain First” and similar groups seeking to provoke Muslims.

The Mayor is calling on the police to use legal powers to block Britain First and to break up future unannounced events.

He said: “This must include considering bans and injunctions. I condemn these provocative acts by Britain First, which are dressed up as a ‘passive protest’ but are clearly aimed at provoking a reaction and increasing the risk of violence.”
Why is it that merely engaging in a public protest is considered provoking Muslims?

Oh that's right, it's because they're insanely violent and will literally kill people for criticizing their religion.

Rather than prosecute the violent Muslims for engaging in explicitly criminal actions in response to a protest, they blame the local Brits for "provoking" them, arrest no one, and instead call for their native populations' rights to be taken away.

Last year it was reported Muhammad is now the most popular baby boy's name in London, this video should serve as a warning to other nations of what happens when you open your doors to people who don't respect you or your customs.

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