Leftist Mob Threatens Mafia-Style Attacks on Germans Who Protested Against "Refugees"

“If you scare one more refugee, there will be consequences for you”
Paul Joseph Watson

Feb. 25, 2016

A militant pro-refugee left-wing mob has threatened violent Mafia-style attacks on residents of a German village in retaliation for them protesting against the arrival of a group of migrants.

Last week, Germans in the village of Clausnitz in Saxony surrounded a bus carrying asylum seekers and tried to prevent the migrants getting off. The residents chanted "go home" and "we are the people" before police arrived and the migrants were allowed to enter a nearby refugee center.

Antifa, a para-military left-wing "anti-fascist" group, responded to the incident by releasing an open letter threatening to leave the village in "ruins" if any more negative sentiment was directed towards the migrants.

Remarking that they had already visited the village in question, the group threatened to launch a number of different reprisal attacks.
"Things can go broken, tractors can spontaneously combust -- it would be a shame. Well, some of our other options would unsettle the population."

"If you scare one more refugee, there will be consequences for you. We're watching you. Another attack on a refugee, a firecracker outside the property -- and your village will be in ruins. We will drive up the price of your inhumanity as high as possible."

"Your hatred and your agitation will not remain unchallenged. We will not stand by the sidelines as you live out your authoritarian character. You live in a world in which 'Being German' is worth more than being human. We will not tolerate that."
The letter also directly threatens the police, accusing them of protecting a "racist Saxon mob" (despite the fact that it was the police who dispersed the demonstrators in Clausnitz).

"You too will feel the consequences for your inhuman act," states the letter.

As we highlighted last month, left-wing agitators were present when migrants in Calais violently attacked residents on their own private property.

After the incident, the leftists helped the "refugees" break through police lines and storm the city's port before around 50 of migrants boarded the UK-bound ferry Spirit of Britain.

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