'Murder Donald Trump': Twitter Users Threaten To Assassinate Republican Front Runner

Chris Menahan
Feb. 22, 2016

The album below being shared on Imgur shows 21 Twitter users calling for republican presidential front runner Donald Trump to be assassinated.

"I have no pain in my heart or morality when I say if trump's elected I will perform an assassination attempt on him, and that i will succeed," writes Twitter user drugcaat.

Responding to the question "If you had one bullet who would you use it on?" user kweenshamira_ tweeted, "The owner of a gun shop. Then Ima get more bullets & kill Donald trump. Ima light his ass up."

User Rescue_Ecstasy, who has since deleted his account wrote, "The perfect holiday gift: Murder Donald Trump", signing his post with the hashtags "#happyholidays" and "#killdonald".

Donald Trump death threats

Note, these users are not alone, simply searching "assassinate Trump" on Twitter shows tons of users threatening his life.

While odds are most of these people are not going to do anything, it only takes one person to actually act on such stupidity.

UPDATE: At least one person got an FBI visit.

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