VIDEO: Workers Rage After Being Told They're Losing Their Jobs to Mexico

Feb. 13, 2016

Workers at the Carrier manufacturing plant in Indianapolis were caught on video booing and jeering after being told that the plant would be relocated to Monterrey, Mexico. A YouTube video showed Chris Nelson, the company's president, delivering the news on Wednesday. The plant employs roughly 1,400 people.

Nelson said it was "strictly a business decision" that was made in order to "stay competitive and protect the business for the long term."

At one point, the crowd became so boisterous that Nelson was forced to plead with the workers to get them to listen.

"I've got information that's important to share as part of the transition," Nelson can be heard saying.

The company's distribution center will also be relocated to Monterrey, where Carrier has existing operations.

Some workers got up and left the meeting, while others shouted vulgar comments.

Carrier is owned by United Technologies (UTX) and has long been a major player in the air conditioning business. The company's founder, Willis Carrier, invented the modern air conditioner.

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