TCU Professor Calls Police On Disabled Student Veteran Over Dissenting Opinion

by Stephen Rowe
Feb. 04, 2016

A professor from TCU recently called the police on a disabled student veteran over a dissenting blog post, labeling the student’s conservative opinion as “bullying”. The professor, Dr. Melita Garza, involved the police after calling the disabled veterans’s blog post “dark, offensive and inappropriate”.

The student was asked by the professor to create a blog post in reaction to the topic of feminism. And the student’s post offered a conservative dissent to the topic of feminism, citing women as, “the freest and most liberated in human history” utilizing research conducted by the American Enterprise Institute.

The professor gave the student an “F” on the blog post. Then the professor reported the disabled student veteran to the department chair stating, “the student’s degrading references to women and disturbing video elicited concerns for my safety,” the professor said. “I was concerned about the safety of other students in the course, most of whom were women.”

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