Bizarre Video Teaches Finnish Women to Use 'The Force' to Defend Against Rapists

Hilarious clip suggests invisible energy field can make attackers back away
Paul Joseph Watson

Feb. 03, 2016

In the aftermath of the mass molestation of women in Cologne by migrants on New Years’ Eve, Finnish police have released a bizarre video which teaches women to use ‘the force’ to deter rapists and robbers.

In the absence of being allowed to carry guns, tasers or pepper spray, the clip simply advises women to hold their hands out to stop a would-be sex attacker in the belief that some kind of invisible energy force is enough to make the perpetrator back away.

It is important to emphasize that this is NOT a satire. It is posted on the official Facebook page of top Finnish broadcaster Yle Oulu.

The video also educates women that swinging their handbag is also a sufficient way to make a determined sexual predator lose his nerve.

The post is accompanied by an article which explains how interest in self-defense classes has exploded amongst women in Finland in the aftermath of a rape epidemic that has accompanied the arrival of millions of predominantly Muslim migrants into Europe.

The article advises women that, “The best way to self-defense is not karate, but to run away. Whenever possible, seek to resolve the situation by leaving the scene.”

Like other Scandinavian countries, Finland is currently enjoying the benefits of “cultural enrichment’ by way of a migrant crime wave that is so endemic, Finnish cops have been ordered by the country’s national police board not to publicly identify migrants as criminal suspects over concerns that doing so would encourage a ‘racist’ backlash against asylum seekers.

Following the mass sexual assault of women in Cologne and other German cities on New Years’ Eve, Mayor Henriette Reker was condemnedafter she released a “code of conduct” for women urging them to fend off rapists by keeping them at “arms length”.

As we reported yesterday, a Mayor in the German town of Bad Schlema prompted fury when he responded to a grandfather’s concern about young girls being sexually harassed by migrants by responding; “don’t provoke them”.

Sales of firearms, pepper spray and other weaponry have been surging in countries like Germany and Austria as reports of violent attacks being perpetrated by migrants continue to emerge.

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