Danish Nightclub Boss Facing Prosecution For Banning Groping Migrants

The Daily Mail
Jan. 28, 2016

A Danish nightclub boss facing prosecution for banning all migrants who don't speak his language says he would rather go to jail than back down - because they 'need to learn a smile isn't an invitation for sex'.

Tom Holden Jensen has excluded all men from Syria and Afghanistan who cannot speak Danish, English or German from his Buddy Holly club in Søenderborg after a number of women said they felt threatened and intimidated by sexually aggressive men who groped and 'raped them with hands' on the dance floor.

The problem was compounded by no one being able to explain to the men that what they were doing was wrong - which led Mr Jensen to ban the men, for the good of his female customers.

But the decision means he could face as long as six months behind bars for breaching Denmark's racial discrimination laws, yet he has vowed to uphold the controversial policy.

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