Video Shows Leftist Hag Amy Schumer Is A Dirty Joke Thief

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jan. 27, 2016

[Note: Video is NSFW]

Normally, I wouldn't care about a comedian allegedly "stealing" (see: copying) other people's jokes, but Amy Schumer is a leftist hag who uses her celebrity to push gun control with her despicable cousin senator Chuck Schumer.

Her entire act is leftist vomit about what a whore she is, yet when a 17-year-old film critic makes a joke saying he "spent the night with her," referencing spending time with her at an awards show, she viciously attacks him as a slut-shamer and acts like she's some victim.

Comedians copy other comedians jokes all the time, unlike with copyright law it's not a crime to do so, but it is distasteful, especially when you don't give anyone credit.

What pisses me off is Schumer is treated as a media darling and gets the red carpet rolled out for her hacky 'Vag' jokes while a plurality of more talented, funnier comedians like Norm MacDonald and Tom Green are practically living in obscurity, not to mention most of the actually talented comedians she's clearly taken all her jokes from.

Why must all our entertainment be leftist garbage?

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