Propaganda Pop Culture: From Cuckmercials to 'Star Wars'

by Gavin McInnes
Taki's Magazine
Jan. 25, 2016

I recently heard comedian Nick DiPaolo say, "I don't think I can watch Angelina Jolie beat the shit out of six Green Berets. My suspension of disbelief just can't take it." He was describing the art of ruining a great movie with propaganda, which is becoming the norm. The morbidly obese Melissa McCarthy is clenching her fists and making men cry while adolescent girls annihilate street thugs for using homophobic slurs. I've discussed men's role in creating this mess before, but it's everywhere now and it's permeated every part of our culture. If you just landed here from outer space, you'd assume cis white scum like DiPaolo are functionally retarded and Western society is run by white women, black men, and a smattering of gays. We've gone from providing women and minorities with inspiring role models to turning them all into infallible gods who are constantly held back by bumbling white men.

Homer Simpson is borderline retarded, but his daughter Lisa deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Peter Griffin and Al Bundy are equally useless (outside of the part where they work their fingers to the bone to provide for a bunch of ingrates). When my kids turn on cartoons all I see is girls in lab coats and blacks with glasses solving complex problems while some white boy stumbles in and blurts out, "DUH!"

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