"I'm With You Brother!" -- Clinton Supporters Sign Petition to REPEAL the Bill of Rights

by Adan Salazar
Jan. 18, 2016

Supporters of Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton eagerly signed a fake petition calling for a repeal of the Bill of Rights, in a video highlighting the mindlessness of the average Clinton voter.

"Hillary Clinton has announced a plan to help repeal the Bill of Rights for the New World Order and progress America and help with the government," media analyst and social prankster Mark Dice babbles to a curious passerby before pointing to a clipboard and saying, "Just print birthdate, signature to support Hillary's plan to repeal the Bill of Rights."

Unaware he's being filmed, the man signs and verbally endorses the pretend plan to eviscerate the first 10 amendments in the US Constitution, asserting, "She's gonna lead us."

"We're gonna go in the right direction," he says.

Approaching a couple walking, Dice again inquires, "Support Hillary's plan to repeal the Bill of Rights to help modernize the New World Order."

"You probably saw her primary campaign promises to repeal the Bill of Rights, part of the new freedom for the New World Order," Dice remarks, to which the man signing the petition says, "I did."

Dice then riffs on the fictitious petition's premise.

"You know it's a woman that's gonna finally repeal the Bill of Rights, we're hoping, but we still needed some signatures just to show that the people are behind her finally to have someone do that," Dice says, to which the couple nods in agreement.

While the petition may be fake, Clinton has already proven herself an enemy of the Constitution.

The former secretary of state threw her support behind recent executive orders by the Obama administration toughening firearm background checks, largely seen as infringements on the Second Amendment.

Last November, the Clinton campaign was also accused of going after comedians who poked fun at her in a compilation video uploaded by comedy studio Laugh Factory.

Comfort can be taken in the fact that at least one California resident realized eliminating the Bill of Rights would be a bad thing.

"Why would you wanna do that?" a man tells Dice. "That's mindless," the man declares before elaborating, "Well I mean why would you be for Hillary? I mean, she's done all these bad things."

"That's ridiculous," the man states in disbelief. "That's preposterous."

Dice has previously persuaded people to sign petitions calling for a ban on talking about politics or religion in public, another calling for banning the American flag and a highly contentious petition calling for launching a nuclear strike on world superpower Russia.

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