Hillary's Lead Disintegrates: She Is Now Doing Worse Than in 2008, as Trump Surges

Jan. 15, 2016

Just when Hillary Clinton thought her political fiascoes would be the worst of her ongoing troubles as she glides through the Democrat primaries, and then takes on Trump sure to find a Warren Buffett-funded victory, suddenly everything appears to have gone wrong in what is most important to the scandal-ridden former Secretary of State and presidential contender: her second - and final - campaign for president.

According to WaPo, if one compares where Clinton is now in the Real Clear Politics polling average, the 2016 picture and the 2008 picture aren't really all that similar; in fact suddenly the trapdoor beneath Hillary appears to have sprung open. "Nationally, she was doing much better in 2008 than she is right now, perhaps in part because the anti-Clinton vote in 2008 was still split between two people -- Barack Obama and John Edwards -- instead of just one. But that recent trend line, a function of two new national polls that were close after a bit of a lull, is not very good news."

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