VIDEO: Cops Responding to Noise Complaint Brutalize UA Students, Say They 'Don't Give A F**k' They're Being Filmed

by Asa Jay
Police State Daily
Nov. 10, 2015

Video of a Nov. 8 incident has came to light showing University of Alabama students being dragged out of their apartment and brutalized by Tuscaloosa police.

Police were responding to a noise complaint call at the 12th Avenue Place Apartments on Frank Thomas Avenue at about 3 a.m., and can be seen in the footage standing in the door of an apartment, speaking with several people inside.

The students ask multiple times whether anyone is being arrested or detained, and one cop eventually says that a male is under arrest, but does not specify on what charges.

The students then ask the officer if he has a warrant and he responds that he "doesn't need one," and that he is arresting the young man for "harassment" for allededly "touching his arm."

The students protest saying his arm was never touched and that they have the whole thing on video. The officer, who had earlier accused the students of "not respecting his authority," then orders the man out of the apartment.

After the student continues to refuse, the footage shows multiple officers then barg into the apartment and drag the man outside into the hallway where he his tased, beaten with a baton, and arrested.

Another male and a female are also seen being dragged out as they scream hysterically and are brutalized and detained.

It is at this point that one of the cops tells those remaining inside the apartment to "Shut their fucking mouths," and when is told the incident is being recorded, says, "I don't give a fuck."

Tuscaloosa police Chief Steve Anderson said that he has been made aware of the videos and has "forwarded them to Internal Affairs investigators."

"A full investigation of the circumstances that are depicted in these videos will be conducted and all appropriate measures taken to ensure the integrity of the Tuscaloosa Police Department in serving the citizens of Tuscaloosa," a police statement said.

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