After Promising No Boots On The Ground in Syria, Obama Deploys Boots On The Ground

"He's broken all other promises, why would this be any different?"
by Steve Watson

Oct. 31, 2015

US officials have confirmed today that special forces soldiers will be deployed on the ground in Syria, despite the fact that Obama promised he wouldn't deploys 'boots on the ground'.

A senior administration official told the BBC that there will be "fewer than 50" forces deployed in the region to "train, advise and assist" vetted opposition forces.

According to the official, this does not mark a change US strategy, but rather an “intensification” of the campaign in Syria.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest also said that the decision was made by Obama in order to provide additional support for Syrian rebels fighting against the government there.

“There are now moderate opposition forces that are 45 miles (72km) outside Raqqa,” Earnest said. “The president is prepared to intensify the elements that have shown promise.”

He said: “This is an intensification of a strategy he discussed a year ago.”

Something else Obama discussed previously was his decision to not “pursue an open ended action like Iraq or Afghanistan.” He also promised not to send in ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria or pursue an open ended air campaign.

Turns out that was all BULLSHIT… again.

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