Cops Called For Wellness Check Beat Innocent Man, Pile On False Charges; Jury Exonerates, Twice

Chris | InformationLiberation
Dec. 17, 2014

Texas police executing a wellness check flashbanged an innocent man as he lay naked in his bathtub, then beat the hell out of him claiming he pulled a shampoo and body wash bottle on them.

Police working with prosecutors then vindictively concocted a series of false charges to hit the man with, accusing him of the very crime they themselves committed, namely assault. Their victim was Chad Chadwick, a father with a spotless record who says he's done everything he can in life to be a good person. After bankrupting him completely forcing him to defend against two felony charges of "assaulting a police officer," a grand jury said he broke no laws and all charges against him were dismissed.

Not content with allowing their victim to escape, prosecutors indicted the innocent man a second time on misdemeanor charges for "resisting arrest," after another tumultuous trial where more than a dozen police testified against him, another jury exonerated him.

Despite this all, the prosecutor says he stands by his decision to prosecute his victim, and when the news media asked him how much his prosecution cost taxpayers, he crassly told them he "wasn't keeping a tally."

The vindictiveness of police and government prosecutors knows no bounds.

Read all about the case and watch the video report below courtesy of MyFoxHouston.

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