Second Video Sheds New Light On Allegations Of Misconduct Involving Denver Police Officers

by Chris Halsne
FOX31 Denver
Dec. 16, 2014

DENVER — A second video showing how some Denver Police officers behaved during and after the arrest of a pair of unarmed drug suspects sheds new light on allegations of misconduct.

[...]Levi Frasier, a citizen who shot the street-level recording on his Samsung tablet and provided it to FOX31 Denver for air three weeks ago, has told the FBI he was threatened with incarceration unless he turned over his tablet to Denver officers.

Frasier also says when he refused police took it anyway without a warrant, scrolled through his electronic device, then when they returned it, he could not find the video clip. He later restored it from “the cloud.”

Denver police have attacked Frasier’s credibility by publicly releasing his criminal record and telling FOX31 Denver he is a “liar.”

However, the HALO video appears to support most of what Frasier has been saying from day one.

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