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Article posted Aug 12 2014, 5:45 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: William Norman Grigg Print

To Provoke and Suppress: The Military Occupation of Ferguson, Missouri

William Norman Grigg

“Bring it, you f*****g animals! Bring it!” taunted a tonsured thug in the employ of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department during protests over the police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. According to Dorian Johnson, who witnessed the killing from just a few feet away, the incident began when a still-unidentified officer hurled a similar taunt at the two of them from a patrol car.

“Get the f**k on the sidewalk!” the officer reportedly snarled at the young men from his patrol vehicle. Johnson told the officer that they had nearly arrived at his home, which was their destination. The officer then slammed on his brakes, threw his vehicle into reverse — nearly hitting the pedestrians, and growled, “What’d you say?”

According to Johnson’s account, the cop began to exit his vehicle, but his door slammed into Brown. At roughly the same time, the uniformed assailant grabbed the terrified 18-year-old by his neck. As Brown tried to escape, Johnson testifies, the officer repeatedly sneered, “I’m gonna shoot you.”

The first of several gunshots rang out a few seconds later. Brown and Johnson turned and fled. The officer fired a second shot at the fleeing victims, hitting Brown, who fell to the ground with his hands in the air, pleading: “I don’t have a gun — stop shooting!” The assailant fired several more shots, killing the unarmed teenager outside an apartment complex. His body was left about 35 feet from the vehicle, surrounded by empty casings from the officer’s gun. Brown was unarmed.

Police officials are peddling the claim that Brown supposedly “assaulted” his killer and attempted to grab the officer’s gun. Eyewitnesses, particularly Johnson, dispute that claim. Even if this were true, however, Johnson’s account would indicate that Brown acted in self-defense, seeking to disarm someone who had threatened to shoot him without cause. There is no dispute that Brown was unarmed and attempting to surrender when he was fatally shot.

A crowd that gathered at the scene of the killing grew into a protest that extended through Saturday evening, and a protest march the following day. More than 100 officers from 15 police agencies converged on the neighborhood to confront the protesters. One officer described the scene as a “war zone.” A group of violent people group hived off from the protests and attacked local businesses, including a QuickTrip convenience store. Predictably, the riot police who had assembled to “restore order” by suppressing the protests did nothing to protect private property. That role was carried out by local businessmen bearing arms in their own defense.

Many black residents of Ferguson regard themselves as living under a military occupation, subject to the whims of violent, uniformed strangers who can detain, abduct, or kill them on a whim. The reported behavior of the officer who killed Michael Brown — and the documented behavior of the officer who was caught on film taunting the protesters — would tend to validate that perception.

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Posted: Aug 13 2014, 5:02 AM

91102 The really ironic thing here, I read in another article about the cop shouting “Bring it, you f*****g animals! Bring it!” Pretty telling, but even worse, I seem to recall reading that the chief or a supervisor tried to explain it by (paraphrased) "well, tensions were high, and he is only human" which I really thought was telling. The cop calls the protesters "animals" (and I seriously doubt he would if the crowd was mostly or all white) yet "he's only human" (in other words, he's human, but they aren't?)

Also somewhere else someone either stated or guessed that the cop opened the door hard to try and bump the young man, and that the door rebounded...which may be where he got the idea to claim he was "attacked" while sitting in his vehicle.

Posted: Aug 13 2014, 7:57 AM

20428 And these animals will be the first when the people are finally fed up with this crap. I would not be suprised at all if this situtation quickly escalates into another "Rodney King" incident.

When will the sheeple finally realize that they (the people) ARE the "enemy" now in the eyes of those in the para-military uniforms.

This country is over-ripe for a full blown revolution,,And it WILL get ugly.

Posted: Aug 13 2014, 8:03 AM

184157 another boy murderered in cold blood and the perp walks free because he wears a state issued costume. To add insult to injury they call their next--would be--victims ''animals''...but who was the one who gunned down a boy for not cringing like a whip dog before its master???

The goal of these monsters in uniform is all of us cowering before them on our knees begging for a mercy that does not exist in their dark hearts.

Son's and daughters of darkness with uniforms and badges. murdering the innocent at will. it is the nature of the state that people worship. the nature of government is is showing itself for the evil it truly is and always has been.

Posted: Aug 13 2014, 2:23 PM

@184157, you shouldn't give the police so much credit. They are the cowards - all their weaponry points to this fact. They may be members of "Hell's Cartel," but I won't credit a "devil" for their actions. Like all mind control, these police have been conditioned, programmed, and brainwashed to believe, that what they're doing is acceptable. This ideology comes from the Reich aka US(S) government.

Because there is looting / stealing going on, the government's robo-cops will continue to occupy Ferguson. The conditions for freedom and justice cannot be met in this case, if those conditions are not being addressed properly.

Posted: Aug 13 2014, 2:25 PM

166137 Cops we are only human,well what the fuck are we?most cops are sub human in my opinion only absolute losers need a different set of laws to live by and do their job.your right bring it on losers!

Posted: Aug 13 2014, 2:28 PM

166137 ANGER!

Posted: Aug 13 2014, 6:00 PM

184157 L,S. couldn't agree more!! they are insane..point blank...rabid foaming at the mouth monsters.
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