People Wearing Sagging Pants Face $500 Fine, Jail In Florida City

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Jul. 22, 2014

Residents of Ocala, Florida face $500 fines or jail time for wearing their pants "too low" around their waist, thanks to a new ordinance passed unanimously by the city council.

From WFTV:
OCALA, Fla. Pull up or pay up: It's now illegal to wear low pants that expose underwear or bare buttocks in parts of Ocala.

The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve an ordinance that prohibits anyone on city property from wearing pants 2 inches below their natural waist.

"I just think it's disgraceful to show your underwear," Councilwoman Mary Rich said.

[...]The sagging pants ordinance is enforceable on city-owned or leased property, including sidewalks, streets, parks, sports, recreation and public transportation facilities and parking lots.

Police are expected to issue warnings at first. After that, those caught with their pants down face a $500 fine or jail time.

Rich said the Marion County school system has a dress code and no one is making a fuss over it, but critics of the ordinance said those rules are for children and nobody goes to jail if they break them.

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