Cop Hit On Car Accident Victim, Friended Her On Facebook, Sent Lewd Photos To Another, Gets 25 Day Suspension, Keeps Job

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jun. 04, 2014

A Cleveland cop abused his position as a police officer to send women sexually explicit photos of himself and inappropriate messages, a disciplinary hearing found. After writing a car accident victim a ticket, which she feels was done only to get her personal information, the officer went on to friend her on Facebook and send her "inappropriate messages." He then later failed to show up to her court case. The hearing also found the officer had sent another woman "unsolicited sexually explicit" photos of himself.

For engaging in such behavior, the officer was given a 25 day suspension without pay, yet he was allowed to keep his job. The head of the police union Jeff Follmer said, "he hopes he learned his lesson."

No doubt, getting 25-days off work is sure to teach him.

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