Anonymous Official Says Toddler Burning Raid Was Conducted Over Single Meth Sale Of $50

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jun. 03, 2014

From Radley Balko:
One public official in the area, who asked to remain anonymous, tells me that the raid was conducted over a single meth sale of $50. The sheriff’s department did not return my call asking for confirmation of this. Terrell has told other media outlets that an undercover informant made the buy the day before and witnessed guards at the residence but wasn’t sure whether they were armed. According to Terrell, the informant saw no signs of children. The Phonesavanhs say the signs that a child was staying at the house should have been obvious.
Radley also noted the raid found no drugs or guns despite both being the justification for the no-knock raid. Also the Phonesavanhs were only staying at the home because their own home in Wisconsin burned down.

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