No video in several of officer's arrests

Albuquerque Journal News
May. 14, 2014

Albuquerque police officer Jeremy Dearís lapel video wasnít recording when he allegedly punched a man while trying to arrest him during a Downtown brawl in January 2013.

His lapel video wasnít recording when he allegedly kicked a man in the genitals during a traffic stop a month later.

And police were unable to recover any video from his lapel camera after he shot and killed 19-year-old Mary Hawkes, who he said pulled a gun on him after a suspected car theft, last month. The cameraís manufacturer is examining the camera, police have said.

There were at least two other instances, which didnít involve use of force, when he didnít record his full encounters with the public, according to Dearís personnel file obtained by KOAT-TV.

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