Daytime TV Host Wendy Williams To Women: Trick Your Husband Into Impregnating You, Beat Your 2-Year-Old To Show Her "Who's Boss"

Chris | InformationLiberation
Apr. 23, 2014

In this clip from The Wendy Williams Show, the daytime talk show host tells a woman to secretly stop taking birth control to "trick" her husband into impregnating her, because it's "her body" and "her choice." She says women are "the one's in control" and encourages her to bring a life into the world without her husband's explicit consent, because in the past he "promised" they'd have two kids. She then polls the audience to ask if they think "she should trick him." Around sixty-percent of the audience agrees, to which Wendy shouts, "my people!"

The clip is going viral and has rightly triggered mass outrage. The next question though is equally if not more disturbing. A woman says she has a very "sassy" two year old who keeps "telling her no" when she asks her to do anything. She says she really wants to raise an "independent super wonder woman," but she needs her to "keep her rank and know her place in our house." Wendy asks if there is a dad in the house, to which she confirms there is, but she says he's "more understanding" of her toddler and "wants to give her her space," but she says she, not her two-year-old daughter "needs to be the queen!" Wendy then says she should "spank" the two-year-old, give her "time outs" and "take things away from her," because she's "not the boss" of her!

We're talking about a two-year-old with completely undeveloped frontal lobes in her brain, she says she wants her to be independent, yet when she exercises her independence by telling her no, Wendy tells her it's appropriate to hit her in order to "pull rank" and "show her who's boss!" These are the women raising our next generation, and the moron crowd actually cheers this lunacy! We're living in the world of Idiocracy.
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