Family Calls 911 To Report Active Break-In, Gets No Response

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Mar. 25, 2014

A New Orleans family tried calling 911 to report an active break-in to their home -- yet got no response. They tried again, no response. They then called the NOPD's non-emergency line, again, they received no response. They then called the non-emergency line a second time, no response. Finally, they placed a call to NOPD's Second District, someone responded and they were able to send a police officer out to help, but the officer arrived two hours later. Fortunately for the family, they say the intruder must have been scared off by their dog's barking. If they had depended on police, they may be dead.

NEW ORLEANS, La. -- An Uptown family woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone breaking in and luckily their dog's barking scared off the intruder. What they didn't expect was no one answering their 911 calls for help.

"It's a Taurus 32," said Terri Bice holding a gun she never thought she'd own.

Now the Riverbend resident does own a gun, and there's a reason why.

"I think someone who would break the door down with that force had a serious intention," said Bice pointing out the damage to her front door.

On March 16, Bice's family was fast asleep when they were woken up around 2 a.m., to someone trying to break in to their home.

Bice believes it wasn't the door, but barking from Molly that stopped the intruder in their tracks.

So, she did what anyone would do. Grabbed her phone and dialed 9-1-1.

She got no answer.

"We all know about first responders and what their importance is that's not going to happen if no one answers," said Bice.
Watch the video report courtesy of WWLTV:

Statists love to tell critics of the modern day protection-racket that is state-run policing that in a time of crisis "they'd be the first to call 911."

Of course, first off, they'd have little other choice as government policing is a state-enforced monopoly, but just as important is the fact this is the response people get -- none at all. Or, even worse, the police show up, assume the resident is the intruder, then shoot them.

Fortunately, in certain states, people are allowed to arm themselves, as the woman in this story wisely chose to do. Unfortunately, in other states tax-slaves are not allowed such a "privilege," and they're left entirely helpless -- mind you, thanks entirely to the police who enforce the state's anti-gun laws -- and depend entirely on the police to come and maybe, possibly, "save them."
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