'Ex-Military' Threaten Cops' Lives For Not Arresting 'Imposter' Who Legally Wore Military Uniform

Chris | InformationLiberation
Mar. 25, 2014

"Ex-military members" are reportedly threatening cops' lives because they refused to arrest an "imposter" who was caught wearing a military uniform despite his not being in the military.

The police didn't arrest the man because wearing a military uniform is not illegal, yet self-identified "ex-military members" evidently didn't find that explanation satisfactory, so they placed anonymous phone calls threatening the officers with violence and telling them to "watch their backs."

From News 10:
STOCKTON - Campus police at Delta College in Stockton said they've never experienced such anger after hearing more than a few anonymous phone calls of hatred and threats.

"We've been getting calls from callers, claiming they're former military, telling us to watch our backs, if they see us on the streets, to watch out," Delta Officer Jim Bock said.

It was last week when college cops arrested one of the two veterans who confronted a man on campus who was dressed head to toe in military clothing. Kristopher VIeira was allegedly so confrontational that he was charged with disturbing the peace and making threats. Vieira and the other man insisted the man was not in the military and was violating the law by dressing that way.

Vieira admitted to News10 he over reacted, but those callers to Delta police aren't letting it go and dozens of people have emailed News10 claiming last week's story was inaccurate because Bock said the man in the uniform wasn't violating the law.

Bock repeated his stance Wednesday that even though wearing military gear may be considered disrespectful, it's not illegal.

"According to the U.S. Attorney, we've been in contact with them several times, there is no enforceable action we could have taken against him without violating his constitutional rights," Bock said. "Even though it's something they're passionate about, we're bound to uphold the constitution they fought for."

We're frequently accused of being "anti-police," and while it's true, we are, this is one situation where we're behind the police %100. The man broke no law, the police are entirely in the right to not arrest him.

The alleged ex-military members on the other hand leveling threats at the cops for doing the right thing are committing criminal acts of unprovoked aggression. If they really believed in the constitution they supposedly fought for they wouldn't be calling for a man to be imprisoned for legally wearing a government costume, nor would they be threatening police officers for not having the man falsely arrested.
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