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Article posted Mar 03 2014, 12:49 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: PINAC Print

Cop Kills Firefighter During Struggle Caught on Video; Cops Blame Videographer for Death

By Carlos Miller

A citizen video showing a struggle between a Kansas City cop and an off-duty firefighter in which the firefighter flips the cop on his back and punches him repeatedly in the face before the cop pulls out a gun and kills him, was released this week after a grand jury declined to indict the officer.

Thanks to the video, we can see it was the right decision made by the grand jury, especially when we learn of what led up to the struggle, which was essentially that the firefighter, Anthony Bruno, had been drinking and had gotten into an argument with a cab driver over the fare. The cab driver threw the fare into his wife’s face, so Bruno punched him several times before storming off.

The cop, Donald Hubbard, who was in uniform working security at a hotel, witnessed this exchange and ran after the firefighter to arrest him, which is when the struggle ensued as well as when another man pulled out a camera and began video recording.

Not knowing the background, the man is being critical of the officer, which is why he is video recording. His female companion says she wants to intervene, but he tells her not to, which is a wise decision because that could have easily gotten her shot or at least charged with interfering.

At one point, the cop looks towards the witnesses and asks them for help. Seconds later, the firefighter flips him on his back and starts punching him in the face. And seconds after that, the cop pulls out a gun and fires twice, ending the struggle.

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Posted: Mar 03 2014, 3:00 PM

170213 I have submitted to the fact that this is probably my fate also.minus the alcohol or drugs though the cops will lie and cover up the fact that they themselves are many of the real problems.they have refused to investigate their own multiple times at the san diego sheriffs I have come to believe that I.A. stands for inherent assholes

Posted: Mar 03 2014, 6:46 PM

17454 So the cop asked for help? I wouldn't have helped either. The cop just might shoot you and say you were helping the firefighter.

Posted: Mar 05 2014, 5:23 PM

1746 AUrging with a cab driver does NOT warrant a DEATH sentence, nor does punching a stupid cop in the face. The cop should have let him walk away, it was solved well before the cop got there. The cab driver assaulted the mans wife and got his just desert.

The cop at a minimum should lose his job and his pension because he did the wrong thing..

Posted: Mar 06 2014, 5:09 PM

722 The cop did his job. He is a cop. He witnessed a crime. He went after the suspect. His Job. If he did not do his job what then? His job is not to watch and let go. Holy shit. I bet your the first person to call a cop for help too then bitch when he does not arrive in 5 seconds.

Posted: Apr 28 2014, 3:37 PM

50182 Does that mean if I get punched in the face, I can kill somebody by shooting them ? Oh, wait, i'm sorry ...... I don't have a badge. Guy didn't have a weapon ..... cop was getting his ass beat. Hardly a crime that warrants lethal force. So everybody that lives in a conceal and carry state, remember, if you are getting your ass beat ..... it is legally justifiable to shoot to kill your combatant. Maybe the cop should have either followed ( The awful - serial killer cab driver arguer ) while waiting for back up, or said, o.k. dude, i'm tapping out you win. Fight over, everybody goes home. Apparently his pride ( arrogance ) wouldn't permit a beat down, so he popped him twice to teach him a lesson. See some " Use of lethal force statutes : Deadly force is justified only when the apparent peril is imminent; meaning at the very time of the deadly response. A threat of ( FUTURE ) harm (does not legally justify the application of deadly force in self-defense ). (But see "Fleeing Felon," below.) Similarly, a person who starts the confrontation with an unjustifiable attack or who voluntarily engages in a fight or mutual combat, and suddenly finds himself losing, cannot claim self-defense unless he first attempts to withdraw from the affray and communicates that withdrawal to his adversary. (People v. Bolton (1979) 23 Cal.3rd 51, 68; P.C. § 197.3.)
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