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Article posted Jan 30 2014, 6:37 PM Category: Economy Source: Police State USA Print

Government Punishes 11-Year-Old Girl For Selling Cupcakes Without Permission

No freedom is too innocent to be crushed by the police state.

TROY, IL — An 11-year-old entrepreneur recently learned a lesson about the economics of living in a police state when her home-based cupcake business was closed-down by local bureaucrats.

When people started noticing young Chloe Stirling’s cake decorating skills, they started requesting she bake them orders for birthdays and holidays.  Her clever designs quickly turned into a childhood business venture, as her eager customers gave her money in exchange for birthday cakes and baked goods.

She’s created some 3-dimensional designs with her cakes, including a soccer-ball cake filled with pudding and cupcakes shaped like high-heels.  Her largest order topped out at 220 cupcakes.  She has also donated batches to charity fundraisers.

With twelve satisfied year-round clients, she began saving the money she made with the hope of buying her first car when she turns sixteen.

In the long term, she hopes to open her own bakery with the money she saves.

At least, she was, until the local county bureaucrats got wind of her creative spirit.   When a local newspaper ran a favorable article about her cupcake decorating, the conscienceless regulators decided to seek out the child and quash her business.

No Cupcakes For You

The Madison County Health Department demanded that the girl stop selling cupcakes or face legal consequences.  Chloe had to cancel a number of orders and was left broken-hearted.

In order to sell cupcakes, another kitchen must be constructed in her family's home, she must pay fees, and follow a number of arbitrary regulations.  Or, she could acquire an expensive storefront, and be burdened with the costs of renting commercial property, buying equipment, and of course paying taxes and other assorted fees.

She must obtain a permit from the government and allow inspectors to monitor her operation in order to avoid the wrath of county food controllers and abide by the Illinois State Food Sanitation Code.

"A rule is a rule," squawked spokeswoman Amy Yeager to KMOV.

How Could Anyone Be Against Safety?

Ms. Stirling’s plight is far from unique.  While it is particularly infuriating when a child is crushed under the proverbial government boot, the fact is that the law oppresses everyone.

Onerous requirements for commercial-grade kitchens, legal compliance, inspections, taxes, fees, and the like are all designed to keep the “little guy” (or girl) out of the market.

Big name retailers hate competition, and therefore lobby to make the business start-ups extremely expensive and difficult.  And while most Americans sheepishly believe that such regulations are there to keep them safe and healthy, the practical reality is that they simply serve to crush free enterprise and help create favorable market conditions for the existing giants a given market — be it cupcakes or manufactured goods or financial services.

The system is designed to keep innovators like Chloe working for someone else — not competing with the powers that be.  With all the artificially-imposed hassles and hurdles, working for an established company starts to seem much easier, cheaper, and less stressful.  An honest start-up business has everything working against it.

Anyone with economic literacy will acknowledge that this phenomenon is harmful to the economy and the employment rate.  The government makes it illegal to work outside a narrow band of regulated actions.  As restrictive as California is, the state recently demonstrated that loosening homemade food regulations created over one thousand new local businesses the first year.

The idea that a government bureaucracy can keep people safe is a delusion.  People get sick even from the most highly-regulated food sources.  The red tape and regulation creates a false sense of security at best, and a crushing burden at worst.  Eating inspector-approved cupcakes cannot taste nearly as sweet as the freedom to do things without constantly needing permission.

[Image: Chloe Stirling shows off her cake-decorating skills. (Source: Heather Stirling via Facebook)]
Police State USA is a volunteer, grassroots alternative media outlet dedicated to exposing the systemic formation of an American police state.

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Posted: Jan 31 2014, 2:51 AM

98198 Regardless, no one but a fatso ignoramus would be eating that junk, or feeding it to their kids.

Posted: Jan 31 2014, 4:36 AM

82145 @98198, jeez man ! Its NOT about the damn cupcakes , don't ya get it ? Its about freedom of choice being taken away from u at every turn ! Also a little bit of cake in moderation ain't gonna kill anyone .
What I don't understand is why people allow this kinda shit happen & not do anything about it . Then again if your comment is typical maybe I DO understand just exactly why u have a police state. No one gives a fuck.......

Posted: Jan 31 2014, 8:15 AM

7630 She should offer her cupcakes to anyone that wants them at no charge. She can then accept a donation if it is offered. Those customers that regularly donate get better service.

Posted: Jan 31 2014, 10:02 AM

216137 her operation is okay with the government if she gives the product away. if she sells the product and makes money, then it is a health issue. what a bunch of crap

Posted: Jan 31 2014, 10:03 AM

65130 The reporter who gave her the favorable write up was a fool. He or she unwittingly sabotaged the girls successful launch into in the ever-growing informal economy.
Never advertise, never hand out business cards, and do a good enough job that word-of-mouth will provide all the business you need. The merit system still trumps the "credentials" purchased from the state. Satisfied clients will informally advertise for you. This brings the very best clients to you, pre-screened by loyal clients who want you to succeed.
My apologies to Chloe Stirling for the less-than-free country that she has to deal with.


Posted: Jan 31 2014, 10:17 AM

65130 The local health department shut down my favorite taqueria. I have eaten there weekly or more for about 18 years. My family and I have never gotten sick, and the food was the best I have eaten in my life!
It was a family run business and I resent the government for taking away my free choice to patronize whomever I wish. The market takes care of relevant matters on its own. The need for regulation is just theater.

Posted: Jan 31 2014, 10:55 AM

72160 slaves have no choice. most Americans are just too stupid to realize they are owned and controlled by others. every aspect of their life belongs to someone unseen master rules them.

welcome to the ussa where totalitarianism is welcomed and given thunderous applause.

Posted: Jan 31 2014, 5:58 PM

98198 If Chloe changed her name to Clareta Hernandez & claimed she was an illegal alien, she'd have no problems.

Posted: Feb 01 2014, 1:36 AM

@nonymous 65130, if it weren't for comments such yours, I would still be eating grass. the media keeps signaling that there's no such thing as coincidence, happenstance, luck, etc..... so, when I'd happen along comments that seemed to come from left (right) field, (like your comment) i felt somewhat compelled to make sense of them. now, however... i can comprehend them, but, they still make absolutely no sense to me.

And, as for the reporter who gave her a "favorable write up," being "a fool"..... Aren't they all?

Posted: Feb 01 2014, 1:58 AM

@irishpete, don't waste your time on team players. I'm not suggesting that @nonymous 98198 is a network node, however, she's clearly a commi - either way, both share the utopian ideal, and, both are too far gone to redirect.


Posted: Feb 01 2014, 10:11 AM

4755 Maybe if there were ever a rash of illness stemming from dirty cupcakes. We aren't talking about meat where many can die from listeria.
She needs a fund raiser to acquire the equipment she needs.

Posted: Feb 02 2014, 3:54 PM

98198 @ L.S. - you're a brain-washed fool and incorrect - I am neither a female or a commie. I state the obvious that any intelligent, informed, health-conscience individual would acknowledge. Get a clue.

Posted: Feb 05 2014, 9:08 AM

71219 LS said:...." ... i can comprehend them, but, they still make absolutely no sense to me. ".

What is so difficult to make sense of.

My sentences were complete and grammatically correct.

Specify what you are unsure about and I'd be happy to explain what I meant.
Comments 1 - 13 of 13 Page 1 of 1

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