You Are a Slave

by Daniel Hawkins
Daily Anarchist
Jan. 23, 2014

To those unfamiliar with the libertarian-anarchist world, this is probably a jarring headline. Iím not a slave, you may think, I donít have a master. I donít work for free. I donít get whipped. I own property. I am free. Libertarians and anarchists take heat for using the word ďslave.Ē Itís not a light word to throw around, either. I agree. Slavery is very serious. To clarify, though, Iím not talking about chattel slavery. Chattel slavery is a horrific blight on the human race. Itís reasonable to interpret the use of the word as crass or naive. But not being bound by chains or ropes, and living in a nice house with nice amenities, and voting, and thinking you own yourself, does not mean you are not a slave. Itís not the physical condition of slavery that makes it slavery. Slavery is the denial of self-determination.

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