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Article posted Jan 16 2014, 9:00 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: William Norman Grigg Print

America's Police State: Worse than Communist North Korea?

William Norman Grigg

If Kelly Thomas had lived in Communist North Korea, rather than conservative Orange County, California, he might have survived his encounter with the police.

Two days ago, a jury in Orange County, acquitted the two police officers who led the fatal gang-beating of Thomas, an unarmed, mentally troubled homeless man. The jurors acted on the assumption that the lethal violence was justified because the victim tried to defend himself after the police began their assault.

American police taught to treat any act of non-compliance as "resisting arrest," a supposed offense that justifies the use of pain compliance and -- in cases like that of Kelly Thomas -- lethal force, if it is necessary to subdue the victim. In fact, most police who go "hands-on" with a victim will pre-emptively shout "Stop resisting!" even when no resistance is offered. Any incidental contact with the sanctified person of a police officer is treated as criminal battery or even aggravated assault.

Interestingly, this doesn't appear to be the case in North Korea.

Last night (January 14), the PBS program Frontline aired a documentary entitled The Secret State of North Korea that drew heavily from footage collected by a group of underground videographers. Among the scenes captured in that documentary are two encounters between women and soldiers acting as police officers. (The Communist government in North Korea, unlike the proto-totalitarian US regime, doesn't cling to the fiction that the military and police are separate entities.)

In the first confrontation, a woman running a private bus service is accosted by a soldier who attempts to issue a citation. She is angrily and openly defiant of the uniformed bully's "authority"; at one point, she actually shoves him several times and treats him to a well-earned outpouring of verbal abuse before turning back to her work. The second incident involved a woman who refused to accept a citation for wearing pants in defiance of a mandatory dress code.

If these incidents had occurred in the United States, the women would have been beaten, tasered, and — quite possibly — killed. The onlookers who had recorded the encounters on video would probably have been arrested for "obstruction,” and their cameras would have been confiscated on the scene.

"Often now when North Koreans are challenged for infringing a certain law, as long as the offense is not political, they won't hesitate to protest if they believe the law to be irrational," explains Jiro Isimaru, the Japanese journalist who organized the underground videographer network. This is in stark contrast with the common perception that North Koreans have been "brainwashed" into docile conformity and reflexive submission.

That isn't true, apparently, of a growing segment of the population suffering under Communist rule in North Korea. It is emphatically true, tragically, of too many citizens of the purported Land of the Free.

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Posted: Jan 16 2014, 11:54 AM

It's no surprise. It's common for america to spread disinformation regarding any culture that represents an obstacle to the global hegemony of capitalism.

The former "social democracies" of europe are being rapidly transformed to align with the american model in which capitalism and democracy are synonymous. Since the cultures of most of european states have already been basically overwhelmed by "consumerism", the imposition of full privatisation will be relatively simple.

Some "eastern" nations, india springs to mind, are succumbing more readily than others to capitalist globalisation. Other countries, iran, north korea and much of the "middle east", will probably require military intervention, invasion and occupation.

This is "civilisation" at work and all the "nations" of Earth are infected by this terminal disease.

A disease can't be "cured" by putting band-aids on the symptoms. Taking a pill to mask the pain does not eliminate its cause.

Industrial civilisation is unsustainable and irredeemable. By now it should be perfectly clear, to even the casual observer, that those in power are intent upon pursuing their present course of destructive exploitation regardless of the consequences to Earth and the Life it harbours.

The “civilisation” they foster, which is destroying Life faster by the day, will never willingly submit to the changes necessary to stop the destruction, let alone reverse it, which by now is probably impossible.

Absent such changes, more like restoration than change actually, Life on Earth is destined for decimation with many if not most species facing certain extinction. The longer it takes for these changes to happen, the more catastrophic and irreversible the destruction and consequent loss of Life will be and the greater the suffering for any Life remaining.

A malignant cancer cannot be convinced to stop its spread through entreaty or appeal to reason. It can only be prevented from destroying its victim by its complete extirpation.

When every peaceful means for change is rendered impossible, there aren't many choices left. Personally I can see only two: submit or fight. At this point, any attempt to "negotiate" or "work within the system" is nothing more than submission.

When I say fight, I don't mean circulate petitions and send letters to congress. I mean fight back in self-defense. I don't mean vote for "the right candidates", pass the "right" legislation or become a doomsday prepper. I don't mean "be the change". Magical thinking does nothing but allow the thinker to pretend to be "doing something" and making different consumer choices still feeds the monster.

No compromise with the pathocracy will stop corporations from clear-cutting every forest on Earth. It won't stop factory fishing from wiping out everything that lives in the oceans. It won't stop civilisation from murdering the planet.

It's long past time for a real culture of resistance, both above ground and underground, that will do what's needed to put an end to the disease that is rendering the only world we have uninhabitable.

We can have our ecocidal civilisation, with all its accoutrements, comforts and luxuries OR we can have a planet that will support large, complex Life forms, such as Homo sapiens. Those who actually "believe" we can have it both ways are sadly mistaken.

The human species, if it is to survive, must return to the natural world, find its proper place there and accept it with humility.

Just my opinion

Posted: Jan 17 2014, 2:49 PM

2413 All police forces in the US are trained by ISRAELI COMPANIES. Nuff said.

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