Cops Train to Kill People at Traffic Stops

Cold weather training designed to improve shooting skills in sub-freezing temperatures
Paul Joseph Watson

Dec. 12, 2013

Medford Police are training to kill Americans at traffic stops as part of cold weather training designed to improve their shooting response time in freezing temperatures.

The training scenarios, which are based on “real life events,” according to a report by KDRV, show police entering buildings and approaching vehicles with guns drawn in order to improve their range of motion and speed when using a firearm in sub-freezing winter conditions.

“Both building and traffic stop scenarios were among the exercises and officers said the training gives them valuable experience,” according to the report.

The footage shows officers aiming for the head of the cardboard target.

“We have to engage the suspect whether he has a weapon or not, we have to engage the suspect with our firearm at that point," said Officer Mellgren.

At a time when police departments across the country are becoming increasingly militarized thanks to generous grants from the Department of Homeland Security, the notion of cops training to fire on Americans at routine traffic stops is extremely disconcerting.

While everyone expects police officers to perform target practice as a standard aspect of their job, the particular focus on outdoor scenarios and specifically traffic stops is sure to bolster the view that police are no longer being trained to protect and serve, but rather to engage a hostile enemy as if on a battlefield.

Traffic stops are increasingly cropping up in cases of police brutality where women are sexually assaulted by cops, including a recent incident where a 19-year-old girl was raped during a traffic stop by Officer Jackie Neal.

Last month, a series of chilling cases emerged out of New Mexico where victims pulled over at traffic stops were subsequently subjected to a horrifying series of anal probes, colonoscopies, and x-rays at the behest of police and doctors in the name of searching for drugs that were never found.

As we reported back in October, after a gang member shot and injured several law enforcement officials before going into hiding in a Sacramento suburb, police responded by setting up a checkpoint and aiming guns at innocent people's heads, as the AP photo below illustrates.

Perhaps we should at least be thankful that Medford Police are using cardboard cut outs of bad guys who actually look like criminals.

Earlier this year it emerged that Law Enforcement Targets Inc. (LET), a Minneapolis based company that has received almost $2 million dollars in contracts from the Department of Homeland Security, provided “non-traditional threat” targets to police departments which included pictures of pregnant women and children.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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