"If We Have To Get A Warrant... We're Gonna Shoot & Kill Your Dogs... Ransack Your House"

Chris | InformationLiberation
Dec. 05, 2013

A Kansas lawyer says cops told him if he doesn't let them search his home despite not having a warrant they would come back with one and bust into his home with a battering ram, kill his dogs, and then ransack his house.

The cops were searching for two suspects believed to be violating their parole, evidently they felt the men were hiding in this stranger's home. When Eric Crinnian refused to let the cops search his house, he says one officer threatened him saying, “If we have to get a warrant, we’re going to come back when you’re not expecting it, we’re going to park in front of your house, where all your neighbors can see, we’re gonna bust in your door with a battering ram, we’re gonna shoot and kill your dogs, who are my family, and then we’re going to ransack your house looking for these people.”

Crinnian still refused despite their intimidation and filed a complaint with the police. The police department said they won't comment on an ongoing investigation.

HT: The Free Thought Project
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