Cop Threatens To "Shoot" Open Carriers "In The Head"

Chris | InformationLiberation
Nov. 11, 2013

In this video out of Neenah, Wisconsin a police officer explains to some open carriers that his paranoia justifies his shooting them in the head at the sight of any "furtive movement."

The police officer lectures the men endlessly about how they're hurting the second amendment and being irresponsible by carrying a weapon which could scare people, all while the officer himself is threatening them with execution.

The irony was apparently lost on the officer.

It always amazes me how cops can threaten to kill people over nothing while simultaneously acting like they're the good guys.

Here's the original description via YouTube:
All this from one non emergency call. this happened on commercial st in neenah wi. it is sad that between the neenah police chief and the LT they cant keep a story straight. lt told me there was several 911 calls. chief told me on the phone there was 1 non emergency call. then he beefed up his story for the new that there was several 911 calls.
Here's the one 911 call they say was received.
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