Cops Claim Man's Face Busted From Fall, Video Shows Cop Kicked Him In The Face

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Nov. 07, 2013

Update: No Jail For Oklahoma Cop Who Lied About Beating Motorist

Dash-cam footage of a DUI stop in Miami, Oklahoma shows a police officer run up to a subdued man and kick him in the face like he was punting a football.

The footage contradicts a police report stating the victim, Jerry Dean Payne Jr., 36, had his face scratched due to the police taking him to the ground. Additionally, the report stated Payne "immediately got out of his truck," but the video shows he remained in his car and a police officer tore him out of it.

[Running start: Cop arrives to the scene and immediately punts subdued suspect in the face.]

After punting Payne in the face, the police charged him with 'driving under the influence,' 'driving under suspension,' and 'obstructing a police officer.'

All charges were dropped after the dash-cam footage was released. The police officers involved are all on paid leave while the police "investigate," none of them have been suspended.

"Dash cam is the only thing that's going to try to set the record straight," Payne's attorney, Josh Lee told NewsOn6.

"I am such a believer in them because of things like this, and because I think the public has to know what their government is doing."

Lee is trying to have the officers charged for perjury and assault and battery.
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