Vegas Cop Shoots Unarmed Man He Thought 'Looked Like Suspect'

Chris | InformationLiberation
Oct. 23, 2013

A yet unnamed police officer shot a random man in a convenience store whom he thought looked like a murder suspect. After pursuing the man into a 711, the officer says he ordered him to put his hands up. While the man did raise his left hand in compliance with the officer's demands, police say he didn't show the "right side of his body," which caused the officer to "feel threatened," so he shot him in the gut.

"The individual complied by showing his left hand, but he hid his right side of his body away from the officer," said Metro Police Deputy Chief Al Salinas.

"The officer, at some point, felt threatened, and he fired one round on the individual as the individual was backing away from the officer."

The officer is now enjoying a paid vacation while his fellow officers "investigate."

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