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Article posted Sep 25 2013, 10:00 PM Category: Health Source: CNET News Print

Foot cream kills HIV by tricking cells to commit suicide

A common drug that dermatologists prescribe to treat nail fungus appears to come with a not-so-tiny side effect: eradicating HIV.

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Allison Sears

Posted: Jun 25 2014, 5:01 PM

65255 Just a thank you so very much for your article. We absolutely need to find cures for HIV.
I am a researcher and a modern artist - have to use "Problem Solving'!
What I have read is: we must have a great deal of OXYGEN and have an ALKALINE BODY. to fight off viruses, bacteria...any sort of disease can't survive such an environment.
There are several places you can get: LIQUID MINERALS AND TRACE MINERALS - get sick of pills!
Building up your White Blood Cells: Herbs! OLEANDER EXTRACT, increases white blood cells. ASTRAGALUS ROOT: stimulates white blood cells to protect against viruses.
SELENIUM: vital to white blood cells.
Great B-vitamins to help with Red Blood Cells: IRON, and Vitamin C.....with B-Vitamins: B6, B1, Folic Acid and Pantothenic Acid (B5), this B5 is really critical for making Red Blood Cells. Plus help withthe digestive system, speeds up wound healing after surgery.
ALSO - forgot COPPER. This helps with IRON to form Red Blood.....the only thing is: take it with a citrus drink and also LOTS OF VITAMIN C.
Buying Herbs: Full list of herbs: strange place: Spices to reverse Diabetes: Death to Diabetes - well, whatever works. Really really cheap.
Make up teas and drink to you health!
Buy Powdered C with other minerals: Life Extension
Buying Liquid Trace Minerals or powder: UTOPIA SILVER.COM/ My Sea and of course: HEMP USA.COM.
Also, GNC, a health franchise outlet has: Trace Minerals in a liquid.
All you take of these liquids is: 1-2 ounces a day.
I really wish I could think of more to HEAL HIV!.
Summary: Get more OXYGEN! (even Food Grade H2O2 is great for extra Oxygen) Just need a professional to show you how to use it - it's pretty simple. Does cure: had a friend who had gangrene and cured it with H2o2! Really amazing!. Also get some LIQUID TRACE MINERALS in you to get up your Immune System and anything at all to build up your White Blood Cells.
IT CAN HAPPEN! Just did a research on: "Lawsuits Against Dangerous Drugs". These are MONSTROUS DRUGS ! Killer stuff!
I beg of you DON"T take these. Also: Don't take any Vaccinations. I researched those things too: YIKES!
Thank you so very much. Sorry I took so long - BUT, WE MUST BE PASSIONATE ABOUT ONE - ANOTHER!.."No man is an Island unto himself" John Donne
Allison Sears

Posted: Jun 25 2014, 5:20 PM

65255 WOW! Thank you!
Thank you!
We MUST be passionate about each other! We MUST encourage and lift
Our country is in such an unbelievable mess. We have laws that will actually make us sick and sicker.
Please, if you can do this: Dr Oz is on trial, or at least was last week; His "HARM": prescribing "Alternative Medicines" that do no harm to anyone. He recommended Natural, Organic plants that could actually help people loose weight, take off some of the fat that had built up , especially around the Liver
WE MUST SUPPORT HIM - call, email people: Dr Oz is trying to help - NOW Rx DRUGS are REALLY misleading and leading people to worse illnesses: Cancers, Liver Failure, Kidney Failure, Pancreas Failure - PLUS GOING NUTS! on Antidepressants!
Like I said in my last message: I was doing a research on "Lawsuits Against Harmful - really Deadly Rx Drugs"..Lawyers across the country suing Pharma and chemical companies" THEY LIE! (dah!)
Every sickening add is misleading - giving hope to people who are just seeking help from pain, fear and sorrow caused by an illness.
Please check it out:
I worry so much about the HIV DRUGS!
What are they sticking in those drugs and vaccinations?

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