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Analysis posted Jul 29 2013, 2:38 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

"Fake Cops" Robbing Detroit Citizens At Gunpoint Turn Out To Be Real Cops Robbing Citizens At Gunpoint

Chris | InformationLiberation

A string of robberies by people "dressed as police" led the people of Detroit to believe there were "fake cops" out robbing people at gunpoint, it turns out they were "not fake after all," MyFoxDetroit reports:
DETROIT (WJBK) - A second officer, a 17-year veteran from Saint Clair Shores, has been arrested accused of robbing unsuspecting drivers at gunpoint.

On Saturday, Fox 2 also reported a Detroit police sergeant was arrested at the 12th precinct. A tip sent to Fox 2 helped lead to the arrests. We forwarded a photo from one scene to Detroit Police. They recognized one of their own in the photo.

More information is expected Monday during a press conference scheduled for Monday at 3 p.m.

The first incident took place at a Citgo gas station near French and I-94 on Detroit's east side last Sunday. The clerk says two white men in a black Ford F-150 with police lights allegedly pistol-whipped customers pumping gas. The men stole cash and cell phones from their victims. A warning went out to be on the lookout for "fake cops" but it turns out those officers were not fake after all. It appears the sergeant in this case was driving his personal vehicle.

There were at least two reports of men posing as police officers and robbing unsuspecting drivers at gunpoint. The men had police badges, bullet proof vests and guns. They looked very official and police considered them armed and dangerous.

A second incident happened near Harper and 3 Mile Drive. A man says he was pulled over by three men in a unmarked Crown Victoria. The man was searched and while he answered questions, his wallet and CDs were stolen.

So, what can you do? Even police say you have permission not to stop if you don't believe a real police officer is trying to pull you over. Instead, call 911 and ask the dispatcher for assistance. If all else fails, drive to the nearest precinct.
I like this advice, that is if the police actually tolerate it (which I find it hard to believe they would). I wonder how much revenue they could extract if every tax-slave being pulled over drove all the way to the nearest precinct to check-in.

While these cops who robbed people at gunpoint acting in an unofficial capacity have been caught, real police who do the same in their official capacity through traffic-ticket extortion will remain at large.
Chris runs the website, you can read more of his writings here. Follow infolib on twitter here.

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Posted: Jul 30 2013, 10:37 AM

76183 I stopped believing and caring about cops since back in the early 80's when I saw a black man get killed on the street next to my house, by a bunch of City of Dallas police officers. I and a friend were outside playing ball and we witnessed them beating an unarmed man on the ground to death. I spoke with the internal affairs and the TV reporters, but it was swept under the rugs. Turns out he was a nobody and he said something smart to one of the white cops that would cruise around that part of town and beat up on people. I was just a dumb Mexican kid with a little pot in his system, they wanted to use that against me as a way to say that I could say nothing. So I say in these not so polite terms, from a song that I heard years later, "Fuck the Police!" I am glad when one of them or several of them get killed or die. They bring that on themselves.

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 11:07 AM

13969 To 70199
I could say 5 bucks is probably all you have to your name anyway, but I won't even go there. Go read a book and try to get a real education. That is what is wrong with this country anyway. Everyone relying on someone else, ie. the media to educate them. Wake up and realize who the real enemy is, trust me he sees no color. Love you and God bless.

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 12:24 PM

72223 Tim and Eric: "Cops and Robbers" (Awesome Show)

Bang bang. Cops and robbers.
Bang bang. Robbers and cops.
Bang, bang. Rob that bank.
Put him in jail, put him in jail.

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 12:32 PM

6687 Fuck it soon we all be acting like animals.

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 1:17 PM

98119 What, no photo of the thief. Any guesses on his profile?

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 3:45 PM

18443 "Even police say you have permission not to stop if you don't believe a real police officer is trying to pull you over. Instead, call 911 and ask the dispatcher for assistance. If all else fails, drive to the nearest precinct."

yeah tell that to the college girl in virginia where 6 plainclothed "abc" cops pulled a gun and jumped on her hood screaming obscenities at her, as she was buying bottled water.
there are countless similar stories were - NO , cops do not allow you to call another cop or verify the first one is a cop.
once again the govt and their force of chickenshit pussies says "oh just do this we'll take care of you gently" when we all know the truth is they tackle you hard on pavement and try to break your shoulder joint or knee joint in the process - which can be a life-maiming injury, i know because i train mma.

fuck them, WE as a damn nation need to STOP with an "us and them" mentality when it comes to civilians vs. govt/police. there is no us and them based on your damn employer,

the only real us and them that exists is good people and bad people.

ANYONE attacking you while wearing a gun on their hip = a lethal force threat,
and the ONLY correct response to any lethal force threat, is a lethal force response.

experiment 626

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 4:42 PM

206192 70112, that is a belly buster.
There are no cops in Detroit.

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 6:16 PM

37228 All men and women can be lost and bad, but I do find it interesting that the first incident stated white men but the second incident didn't mention any race? Why the lack of consistence? Or is it biased unprofessional reporting?

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 8:26 PM

17424 HELL this story ain't news to anybody who ever worked for a living,when I was a teen ager the sheriffs department would pull you over if you had a job and write you bogas tickets and you'd better pay them and they still drive around to job sites writing down licence numbers,for later,NOW they got it down pat,after the first of the month,go to the jail,hundreds of old people,they bust them ,take anything in their pockets,and then hit them with a fine for anything,I asked the sheriff about this,HE SAID WE ARE BROKE and we just take what we need now from who ever has it..........and I know thats true,THEY TOOK THE 350 dollars in my pocket and wouldn't give it much for my new computer.............

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 9:20 PM

69251 Do any of you realize that the police actually caught and arrested these rogue individuals? If the police institution was everything each of you just described, wouldn't they all be in on it?

Posted: Jul 30 2013, 11:48 PM

687 the only reason their cop buddies busted them is the citizens who exposed them.Once in a great while the cops just have to wait for their buddies in the d.a.'s office to help with the damage control.I like the serpico analogy10% are corruput,10% are honest,the other 80% wish they were honest.This stands as true today as when it was said before congress almost 50 years ago.thank you Mr. Frank Serpico,1 police officer out of millions of cops.

Posted: Jul 31 2013, 12:31 AM

98214 wonder what else they have done over the years they got away with. karma has arrived.

Posted: Jul 31 2013, 12:21 PM

509 Reminds me of the old Canned Heat song..."If you're big, dumb and stupid, the LAPD wants you! With remedial courses for the culturally deprived". Obviously, nobody is doing any psychological profiles of the cops they hire. Bullies make good cops.

Posted: Jul 31 2013, 3:16 PM

67177 Its suggested that if you suspect those who pull you over that you drive to the nearest precinct.
How does one who whether those real or fake cops won't follow you and either beat the hell out of you or simply kill you?
One needs to look at all the cases around the country of police abuse towards the citizens. It isn't pretty.
Some of these officers think they are above the law in this fast approaching Police State.

Posted: Aug 01 2013, 12:03 AM

142177 yah...jahh...hudamaaahhn...jah, isaman da bumbaclot...police a sam bumbaclottttt, eyreeeee!

Posted: Aug 01 2013, 1:34 PM

24127 "When police break the law, there IS no law. Just a FIGHT for survival." -- Billy Jack

Posted: Aug 01 2013, 4:14 PM

7056 the Detroit PD should be dismantled, [deleted: see comment policy]. they threaten the safety of those they claim to protect, then have the nerve to suggest that people brought this upon themselves. this is unforgivable, immoral, and a savage injustice to all who have suffered at their hands. if you are a member of the Detroit PD, stand up and speak out. if you do not, then you are a waste of human life

Posted: Aug 02 2013, 4:57 PM

24127 "When police break the law, there IS no law." -- Billy Jack

Posted: Aug 03 2013, 12:12 AM

9870 In Florida we had a little place called Coopers Town way out on the Tamiami Trail that used to be a speed trap, It had 3 permanent buildings, 4 mobile homes and a Air Boat ride business with a high powered police car for the 1 officer/chief. The Owner of the store was the justice of the peace and fines were to be made payable to him personally. It got so bad that the Florida Highway Patrol stationed marked units one mile out on each side ot the town with "WARNING! SPEED TRAP AHEAD" signs on their cars. (I guess the State wasn't getting their share and shut it down. BTW The speed on the Tamiami Trail was 70 except for the 150 ft 30 MPH Zone there!
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