Psycho Cop Screams At Driver During Stop Over Cell Phone, Local Media Lie To Cover For Cop

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jul. 12, 2013

[Update II: A full two weeks later and WVNS-TV 59 is still engaged in a full-on purge-a-thon of this video from the internet. Video reposted from another source. [Here's another copy]

Update: Sure enough, WVNS-TV 59 is trying to censor this video by filing copyright complaints, thankfully other people have uploaded it, again I urge all YouTubers to upload this video as many times as possible to as many sites as possible, this act of censorship should not be allowed to stand. Here's another mirror on Liveleak. The female "news reporter" in the video has been identified as Jessie Gavin.]

In this shocking video out of West Virginia we see a police officer yell and scream at a veteran and treat him as though he's a dangerous armed criminal after the cop pulled him over for simply driving while using his cell phone.

A local film crew with WVNS-TV 59 was embedded with the officer and interviewed the man after the incident as part of a bizarre shaming ritual. They asked him if he was familiar with the new laws banning cell phone usage, to which he replied he wasn't, he thought he could talk on the phone, just not text.

The man told the news crew he was disturbed by how rude the officer was and he wanted to file a complaint against him, he then asked for the news reporter's name as well as her camera man's as they were witnesses to his rude behavior.

The news reporter suddenly goes silent and refuses to give him her name, then she bizarrely says she didn't see the officer being rude, the camera man says the cop yelling and screaming wasn't rude, he just feared for his life (during a traffic stop over a cell phone).

The man responds by saying he's a veteran and even in war he was never talked to so disrespectfully, nonetheless the media propagandists stonewall him and refuse to give him their names nor lend him any help.

According to the man who posted the video on YouTube, WVNS-TV 59 pulled this video after getting a host of negative comments, I can't find it anywhere on their site, so YouTubers would do well to repost it as many times as possible. Frankly, it's one of the most despicable acts of presstitution I've ever seen and the WVNS-TV 59 news team ought to be ashamed of themselves.
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